Youth | Boy's Active | UA Project


As part of my interview process, I had to complete a design project focused on boys active within the Youth category. The season had to be based on what the future trends would be for SP/SU 2020. I knew that the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan would be a huge impact to the fashion industry, with what history has shown when it comes to the olympics. Also, based on my trips to multiple fast fashion retailers I noticed plenty of nods to manga and anime images being used in t-shirt graphics. I decided to merge the ideas of retro digital gaming with 90’s track star suits, and came up with this. I used textural fabric to lend itself to the pixelated look of videogames. I kept clean seamlines lines and mixed in accent colors on certain details (mesh ventilation on shorts, drawcords, heat sealed zippers..etc) of the garment to tie back to the clean look of track suits & colorblocked windbreakers. I would have incorporated more graphics into the collection, but this was solely focused on design of silhouettes. Hope you enjoyed!