Beauty Market | Business Proposal | Sears & Kmart


As an effort to try an increase foot traffic for Sears Stores, I thought about integrating a full-experience beauty section in our stores, like what JC Penny did with Sephora. I made sure to make this proposal as realistic and achievable to what Sears current finances could support. It would have been on a smaller scale than Sephora and Macy’s Blue Mercury. The main goal would be to have more fixtures to support all beauty product, from make up brushes to brow bars & contour kits, and face mirrors placed in multiple locations for easy viewing. I wanted to make sure there were testers displayed for each product so that it engaged the customer to interact and try the product. As of right now, all of Sears beauty product are sealed in packaging with no tester product to try it before you buy it. Not a good move, when it comes to make up. The product offered currently, only covers make-up brushes value pack, lip gloss, nail tools, eye shadows, mascara brushes, face masks, and eyelashes…all things you can buy at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Kmart. This is why I needed to find a way to differentiate Sears from all the other stores. After all, it was once a high-end mall retailer. Now that malls are slowly dying, its hurting businesses like Sears. The way to stay afloat is to create a reason for someone to come in, an experience that he/she can’t get anywhere else. Appliances used to be a sure-fire way to get people into our stores, but now those appliances like Kenmore and Diehard are available on Amazon and probably other stores. So the next biggest thing was the beauty market. It has grown exponentially for the past three years, at 5.5% in global market. I saw this market as perfect way to speak to millennials and Generation X.